5 Questions

5 Questions with Elizabeth Corkery


Born in Sydney, Australia and based in Providence, Rhode Island, Liz Corkery began Print Club Ltd. after receiving her MFA three years ago. Some of her gorgeous floral hand-pulled silkscreen prints are now available at TPE!

  1. If you weren't in your current occupation, what would you be doing? I would love to be a florist, but would probably need to work on my propensity for sleeping in.

  2. Who are some of your icons or muses? Artistic icons and source of endless inspiration: Sara van der Beek, Carol Bove, Pablo Bronstein, Lucy McKenzie, Matthew Brannon and Claudia Wieser.

  3. What's your favorite book, album, film? What's on your reading list? “What I Loved” by Siri Hustvedt. However subtle, I always feel personally altered by her writing, it carries a residual impression. "Moon Safari" by Air. I swear it just doesn’t age! “Chinatown", I’m completely captivated by LA noir movies. I’m currently reading some books related to new personal work of mine, including “Wanderlust" by Rebecca Solnit, "The Remembered Film" by Victor Burgin and "Transporting Visions" by Jennifer Roberts.

  4. If you could pick up and leave tomorrow, where would you go? Anywhere on the Italian coast. Under the sun, near the water and very near some cold wine.

  5. What is a quote that inspires you: "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." -Thomas Jefferson