5 Questions

5 Questions with Natalie Weinberger


Natalie Weinberger is a potter and vessel designer working out of her studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. TPE has been carrying Natalie's vases and tableware since 2014, when she first made the jump from the non-profit sector to being a full time ceramicist. We recently sat down to chat about her background, influences, and future plans.

  1. Who are some of your icons or muses? Caetano Veloso, Jean Arp, Lucie & Hans, Ruth Bader Ginsberg...

  2. When do you feel you're at your best? Closing the studio door after an efficient day of work.

  3. If you could pick up and leave tomorrow, where would you go? To Raja Ampat in the Indonesian archipelago to swim & snorkel.

  4. How does one tap into their creative side? Pick up a book about history/science, or book a flight to the other side of the world! Get inspired and your creative juices will flow.

  5. What's on your desk? Trimming tools, glaze colorants, tamarind candies from Myanmar, and a few broken pots that i can't seem to part with.