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Designer Spotlight: Anona Studio


Brooklyn based Anona Studio is the brainchild of Sarah Leaman and Renee Shortell, a creative studio focusing on textiles and surface design, specializing in curated collections of artwork for the home and apparel industries. The duo recently branched out with their first limited edition branded line focusing on the stripe, which to them is a perfect design element. The simple hand painted designs produce an ethereal result, making for a pleasing addition to the home. We caught up with Sarah recently in her in her studio, and picked her brain about how she typically spends her days. 

Shop Anona Here. Photographs by Jonathan Hokklo. 

What does a typical day look like to you ? 

Mornings are slow, my brain doesn't start working until about 10. Coffee, emails, check in with Renée and get myself organized with a daily check list.  We work with such a range of companies and brands that it is really important to get my head into the right design space each day and for every project. I typically start designing around 11 and I am pretty focused until about 6 or so. Then Yoga or a trip to the gym and home to make dinner. Cooking usually helps turn off my work brain.

Where are you currently living ? 

Brooklyn, New York.

How does your location affect your work ? 

Natural light is really important, it seems to set the pace for my day.  I love being a creative part of this city, the scale and the pace motivates and inspires me.  The danger I guess is burn out so I am constantly finding the balance between quiet productive time and inspiration.

What does a perfect day look like to you? 

Saturday is the best day of the week, I am happiest when I am moving so anything involving a sunny walk with or without a destination.

Books, movies, TV shows, podcasts you are currently into ? 

I listen to a lot of books while I work, I love memoirs. Currently listening to Laura Groff "Florida”. Anything about business or health is also top of my podcast list. 

What is your greatest fear?  

Climate change

Person you most admire ? 

There are many people I admire, hard to choose really. A constant is Colin Leaman 

A word you overuse often ?  

Sadly, "like"

If you weren’t a textile designer, what would you like to do ? 

Maybe own a bed and breakfast, but breakfast would be served at 11.

How do you find your way out of a creative rut ? 

Change up my design materials, spend time in a bookstore or go look at some art. 

What is your most treasured object ? 

My eyeballs/sight

What is your current state of mind ?