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Inspiration: Alvar Aalto


Alvar Aalto (February 3 1898 – May 11 1976) was a major reference for architecture in Nordic design, and Finland’s most celebrated architect, with a career covering many areas of design such as buildings, interior features, painting, furniture and glassware.  Having a rich portfolio including his famous “paimio” and “savoy” designs, he is also well known for his public/private houses all over the world.

“Furniture designers such as Alvar Aalto, Kaare Klint and Borge Mogensen all based their furniture on that of rural communities. They were inspired by the simplicity of objects found in farmhouses and ordinary homes and, rather than discard those chairs and tables that had functioned for hundreds of years, they improved and refined them using new techniques available at the start of the twentieth century. Nordic designers stuck with a simple palette of wood, clay, glass, leather, wool and textiles inspired by a domestic culture in which people made their houses and furniture out of whatever they could find. “

- From the book The Red Thread: Nordic Design

1.Maison Louis Carre, Photograph by Addison Goedel
2. Photo courtesy of the Alvar Aalto Foundation.
3. The home of Alvar Aalto by Bruno Suet.
4. Lamp Model 'A809' by Alvar Aalto 1959.
5. The home of Alvar Aalto by Bruno Suet.
6. Villa Mairea, by Alvar Aalto, 1937-1939, Noormarkku, Finland. Interior view from the living room towards the main staircase. Image source unknown.
7. Natalie Weinberger Luster Vase.
8. Fredericks & Mae Full Set Candle Holder.
9. Hay Colour Glass Gold Dot Carafe and tumblers.
10. The Red Thread: Nordic Design
11. Alvar Aalto 'Savoy' vase, model no. 3031, 1930s. Colorless glass still-blown into mold. Produced by Iittala, Finland.
12. Drawing, Vase, 1937 by Alvar Aalto.