Inspiration: Gus Van Sant


“The cinema of Gus Van Sant is the photosensitive plate of postmodern American history (post-Pop, post-New Hollywood, post-activist), which began in the mid-1980’s. As the figurehead for the revival of American cinema, he is the instigator and defender, gently and in secret, of an artistic freedom that radiates from the periphery. Without banners of manifestos. Taken individually, independently, Van Sant’s films are surprising. Their complex narrative structures (in the form of mosaics, fractals or collages), and even the shifts in tonality are unsettling to the viewer: it is a dissonant cinema in which melancholy and humor are never conceived as opposing forces. Taken as a whole, the extreme diversity of his sixteen feature films is utterly astonishing. As if, in film after film, Van Sant was constantly reinventing his entire process. One wonders if it is the same director who froze the moment of a massacre in Elephant and accelerated the life of Harvey milk; who filmed young people with such gravity (Elephant, Paranoid Park_ and the fathers of the Beat Generation as enfants terribles.” – From the book Gus Van Sant Icons

Here is a collection of screenshots from his films that inspire us and tie into some of our favorite objects.  


1. Still from Gerry

2. Gus Van Sant self portrait for For The OregonianA


4. Still from My Own Private Idaho

5. Still from Paranoid Park

6. Still from Elephant

7. Still from To Die For

8. Still from Milk

9. Still from To Die For

10. Still from My Own Private Idaho

11. Still from Gerry

12. Still from Milk

13. Gus Van Sant: Icons

14. Natlie Weinberger 8'' Black Sand Bowl

15. Fredericks & Mae 48 Pc. Blue/Red Matches

16. 365 Notebook Beige A6 Hardcover Notebook