Introducing: Mater Soap

 After three years of making soap together, Addison and Sarah officially launched Mater Soap out of their Red Hook, Brooklyn studio in March 2016. The two met at Bard College where Addison studied fine art and Sarah art history. Addison, a textile designer with a focus on natural plant dyes and weaving, combined interests with Sarah, who had been studying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Where the fields intertwined was in their curiosity for the process of soap making. “There is that myth of how soap was first made: animals were sacrificed on the mountain top and rain washed the fat through the ashes of sacrificial fires down to the valleys where people washed their clothes, creating suds. So simple and beautiful.” The utility, process and simplicity are apparent through the production and packaging of the soaps, though the quality of the product, made by hand in small batches in New York lend the soaps to a more decadent and invigorating washing experience. Now in the works are their face, hair and body oils, body scrub and bath salts; we can’t wait to get our hands on more from Mater. Take a look at our Mater soaps in stock here