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The Context: Alfresco Dining


At TPE we believe in understated elegance. We use the items at the store all year around, in different ways, for all sorts of ocassions. They are items that are meant to always be used and enjoyed for the everyday. For summer dining we set our table in an unfussy way, using kraft paper as a tablecloth, making our dessert in a casserole that goes seamlessly from the oven to table, and put condiment jars and tins right out on the table.

Photographs by Lilly Jonsons Styling by Todd Heim

We really enjoy to be casual when dining outside during the summer, especially during the day. Here we put down kraft paper on our table, and ate some of our favoirte provisions right off of it family style. Using just cutting boards, a basket, and some small plates we served an easy lunch. 

When taking a more formal tabel approach we chose to set our table in a monochrome setting, keeping it simple and easy to style.

A favorite torte that can seamlessly go from the oven straight to the table in the same casserole, a TPE favorite from Workaday Handmade.

A large wooden bowl that we use all the time as a fruit bowl on the counter makes its way as a large centerpiece for a simple salad. 

Our favorite cocktail for the summer is always some sort of spritz. Include with it anything you like, here we used Aperol with oranges and an olive.