The Context: Displaying Everyday Items


At TPE we are constantly thinking about how items are used once they are taken home, and are inspired by the multi functional uses that so many of these everyday objects can have when you dig a little deeper.  A storage container, candle holder, pitcher, and a stack of books can all take on different meanings.  When one room needs to become a different one, they can all be displayed in ways that maybe weren’t originally intended for.

Photographs by Jonathan Hokklo 

Bowls and glasses with interesting textures and patterns dislayed on book shelves become decorative objects as opposed to items in the kitchen. As well a pitcher and the top of a canister are used as bookends above.   


We like using miss matched candleholders as paper weights in an office as opposed to keeping them in a drawer while not in use during a dinner.  

Our problem of our overflowing bookshelves is solved (temporarily, until we add more to the collection) with a makeshift small table or pedestal. 

When setting the table we like taking items from around the home to use as a center display.  You can go as big or small with these items and allow it to be constantly evolving.