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Current Finds No. 1, 02.22


Introducing our new monthly newsletter Current Finds: a collection of ideas and recommendations directly from me, Lauren Snyder, owner and founder of The Primary Essentials, as well as from friends and others in the TPE orbit. Meant to be a concise and casual list of things, Current Finds is our direct way to share and connect. We hope you enjoy it!

Book: Excitedly looking forward to reading author Sheila Heti's newest book

Article: Before finding the time to dive into said book I've been reading the alphabetized excerpts from her diaries over the past decade in The Times bit by bit. 

Kitchen: I used the Pegaso while traveling abroad pre-pandemic. It's easy to use, makes delicious espresso, and is nice to look at it.  Transformer and all, it now sits at home with me and is delightfully used every morning. 

Pod: Curator, historian and writer Glen Adamson, whose work centers on craft and design, speaks on Time Sensitive

Eating: I have been eating a lot, a lot, of potatoes recently with the options at the New York Farmer's markets being so slim in the winter months.  Luckily I love potatoes, and my favorite farm at the market has the most delicious ones. 

Biz: Family-run and owned Bread Alone has been in operation since 1983 and just unveiled their new bakery in the Catskills, New York. It is the first commercial bakery in the US to operate on 100% renewable energy 

Scent: This cleansing oil is the most intoxicating scent I have ever smelled: a mix of sage, hinoki cypress, and greek coriander. 

Inside: The London townhouse of Jamb founder Will Fisher in Architectural Digest.

Visit: Looking forward to the Noguchi Museum's Open Studio next month with my young daughter. There you can pick up a Gallery Kit filled with art materials and explore Noguchi’s work through art-making.

Changmeaker: I recently learned about the People’s Pottery Project whose mission is to employ and empower formerly incarcerated women, and trans and non-binary individuals through paid job training, access to a healing community, and meaningful employment in a collective non-profit business.