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Styling Services

Styling Services

We are pleased to offer a selection of Styling Services at The Primary Essentials.

TPE owner Lauren Snyder holds a BA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute. Having worked in high-end retail, fashion styling, as well as extensively sourcing the market from running The Primary Essentials for the past 9 years, she has honed in on a style which is equal parts sophisticated and practical.  Through countless conversations with customers, she understands that it is often challenging to find someone who can help with smaller styling projects within the home. We are here to help in various ways.

Product Sourcing
Finding items to “fill out” the home is an extensive job, which can often take years to find.  Are you at the end of your renovation and you just don't want to think about it anymore ? We can help with sourcing the missing pieces for a room, to help give everything a more pulled together, complete look. 

Styling of Decor and Bookcases
Styling of decor and bookcases can oftentimes be equal parts of keeping some of what you have, removing some, and adding a little new in. We can be there to help you execute your project. 

Photoshoot Styling / Rental
We have extensive experience in styling for photoshoots, and have at our disposal several objects which can help bring it all together.  We are happy to help you style your next shoot, either by being on hand as the prop stylist, or with a rental from our store. 

Second Opinion
Do you want a second opinion on a room in your home, or a concept you are thinking about ? We understand that it can be challenging to do a project without anyone to bounce ideas off of.  We are happy to discuss your project with you.

Product Sourcing, Styling of Decor and Bookcases, and Second Opinion are all billed on an hourly basis, starting at $150 an hour, with a minimum of 2 hours. Photoshoot Styling / Rental is billed as a project based rate. 

Any items sourced from TPE in conjunction with our styling services, receive a preferential discounted rate.

Please fill out the form to inquire about any of our services. We look forward to working with you !