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Greige/Off White Mattress with removable cover



Hand-spun, hand-woven, and hand-dyed bedspread made in Tensira's workshops in Guinea, West Africa. Includes Kapok filling, a silky 100% natural and hypoallergenic-fiber. This fiber grows in the pod of a Kapok tree, which is called a silk-cotton tree due to the very silky touch of the fiber and its characteristics.   

Size: 75"L x 36"W

Care:Dry cleaning to spot cleaning only

Tensira was founded in 2010 following the meeting of Hamidou Diallo of Guinean descent and Tuulia Makinen Diallo, a native of Finland. Tensira is the expression of Guinean ancestral know-how of weaving and dying indigo, and Scandinavian design.