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Current Finds No. 26, 03.24

Exhibition: A trip to the Judd Foundation is always a treat on its own, so I am especially looking forward to seeing the upcoming Robert Irwin exhibition there.

Another Exhibition: Christopher Wool’s show in an empty office space downtown.

Garden: Since announcing his retirement from fashion, old images of the garden of Dries Van Noten have been popping up alot, but they really are magical and worth a look.

Craft: If you are dying easter eggs this weekend this natural dye recipe is really fun.

Hack: I saw this about keeping a bucket around to pour misc. water into (from glasses that aren’t finished, and pasta water, etc.) and use it for watering plants.

Article of Clothing: A pair of red pants is feeling pretty good to me right now.

Cafe: I love Misi and their new cafe with this garden is just as great.

Recipe: This is one of the things I am making for Easter Sunday.

Article: I love a list and I like when T Magazine does these articles, so I think it's worth a scroll to see what they think are the 25 most defining pieces of furniture from the last 100 years.