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Spring Cleaning

With the first feel of warmer weather my mind instantly turns to Spring Cleaning and readying my home life for a new season. I like to incrementally clean and organize throughout the year, but there is something about prioritizing it at the change of every season that feels very natural. I am not going to give the typical head to toe home cleaning checklist ( you can find that here if you want ) but instead a few of the little things I like to do that make me feel a little more together. I hope you can take from it what you will. Enjoy the change of season.

Changing Out the Bed:  This is the first year I have decided that I want to switch out my bedding seasonally. I am opting for a lighter weight quilt instead of a duvet this year, something like this

Hand Washing:  I like to get all of my sweaters cleaned for next year and put away - so that means doing a big load of hand washing one weekend. 

Hard to Reach Places: I try to clean in places that I rarely think about - hanging lights, the top of artwork frames, and cabinet tops. 
Couch Cleaning: Upholstery cleaning to keep my couches looking like there are not two kids and a dog who live with me. 
Pantry: Such a good time to clean out the pantry and try to use old items up ! I made a big pot of beans yesterday with a bag of beans that had been sitting back there for who knows how long. 

Clothing Swap: My child’s school is doing a clothing swap this year and then donating anything that isn't claimed.  I really like this idea, great to do among a group of friends, and it got me to clean out my closet already for the season. 

Closet Cleanup: The way I like to do this is to take everything out of my drawers and go through everything, and donate, recycle anything that I haven’t worn in 6 months.  My goal is for my drawers to never be overstuffed. 

Children’s Clothes: For anyone with children, we just went through bins of my eldest daughter’s old clothing to prep the drawers for the upcoming season for my youngest daughter. This way I remember what I already have and do not buy anything new that isn’t needed. 
Garden: An obvious one, but I like to do an initial clean up right now and then make note of any bigger items that need to be done in the garden (pruning, planning plantings, arranging to buy dirt, mulch, etc.). We do a block clean up with our neighbors every Spring which I really enjoy also.

Sole Repairs: Take a look through Spring and Summer shoes that could use a new sole / repair to give them a second life for the upcoming season.