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Current Finds No. 13, 02.23

Exhibition: The great, highly influential potter Lucie Rie whose work has been an inspiration to many of the artists sold at TPE will have an exhibition showing over 100 pieces of her work at Kettle’s Yard. Since I cannot attend in person I have gone ahead and ordered the show’s publication.

Article: About a fashion editor choosing to purchase only 5 items of clothing in 2023.  While there are some questions I have to ask (do undergarments and other miscellaneous items count ? If not is she really sticking to just 5 ? ) I found the idea of the article helpful, and made me reconsider what I purchase and how much of it.

Small Businesses: There are several small businesses worth checking out in this article about the various Japanese businesses that have opened in Greenpoint.  I had a really delicious lunch at one of the mentioned, Acre, a few weekends back.

Flower: I saw bunches of the "Mimosa" flower several times at flower shops along my way on a recent visit to Paris and was into the large, bright bunches of it. Not knowing what it was, after returning home I randomly came across this article on the flower.

More Flowers: In other news on flower, this arrangement really caught my eye.

Books: I really like lists, books, and New York.  If you have been tuning in here for a little you will know this is a pretty New York centric list as my husband I believe constructively criticized me for the other day. With all of this said, I had to put this article on here that T Magazine just did.

Life Hack: I have never seen citrus cut this way, so fascinating.

Interior: I enjoyed many parts of this interior but the 1940s Japanese iron circle above the mantel was by far my favorite part of it.

Magazine: New to me, the magazine TOOLS has such a great concept for a magazine, diving into different techniques in art, design, architecture and craft.  We will have it for sale later this year at TPE.