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How To, A New Approach to House Cleaning


Laura Cattano is an organizational expert who takes a thoughtful approach to cleanliness and order in the form of our relationships to our things, our homes, and ultimately ourselves. “A clean home is one that is consistently cleaned. Cleaning as you go saves time in the long run. Cleaning shouldn’t be seen as a one-day-long activity; breaking it down makes it easier and thus your home is always clean.” We asked Laura for her top tips on integrating cleaning and organizing into our days in a more seamless and approachable way.


Bed: Make your bed as soon as you wake. If it’s too complicated or it takes too long, simplify your bedding.

Dishes: Do the dishes and clean up anything from the morning. The average person’s kitchen sink is dirtier than their toilet. At the end of washing your dishes, clean the sink with a little dish soap and don’t forget the strainer.

Trash: Take out the trash and recycling on your way out the door. (Why store trash and recycling in your home?)


Entry: Immediately put your things away, empty out your bag, hang up your coat. Extra credit for those who wipe the bottoms of their shoes before putting them away.

Floors: No shoes in the house is an obvious tip for keeping the home clean.


Before heading to the grocery store, do a quick clean out of the fridge. You don’t have to do a deep clean, but it’s good to get out the old stuff (and take inventory so you’re not buying anything twice).

Clean the inside of kitchen cabinets as often as every other month: outside cabinets, the base of upper cabinets, shelves, side walls, back, and under the shelves. I use a magic eraser. You’ll be shocked at how gross it was.

Before doing laundry or going to the dry cleaners, see what else beyond the hamper that could use a clean. Launder or dry clean your coats, hats, and scarves at the end of the season.

Clean the inside of closets as needed: wipe down shelves, rods, hooks, the floor, and baseboards.

Wipe down wall, door, and window molding and baseboards weekly with a damp cloth.

If washable, launder your pillow covers and shower curtain once a month.

Using the brush attachment on your vacuum, clean:
Spines of books
Fabric lampshades
High molding and over doors